Wellness Session – 8:30am – 8:55am

Session may include focused meditation, gentle yoga, breathing exercises and more. Think of it as a way to focus mindset on learning and productivity.

Return to Office – 9am – 10am

As businesses reopen, Future of Work: Return to Office will provide insights on how business transformation as a result of the pandemic has resulted in new legal issues, liability risks and compliance concerns to be mindful of. Related topics for sponsorship opportunities could include:

  • Employee safety and COVID-19,
  • OSHA: Vaccine Mandate Status
  • Pay Equity Laws if your workforce moved to new states
  • Working Parents and prioritizing high-risk employees

Break – Featuring ‘Did You Know?’ Segment

Cybersecurity – 10:15 am – 11:15am

Future of Work: Cybersecurity highlights how the pandemic has impacted the operating business models organizations have relied on and accelerated digital transformation plans months, and sometimes years, ahead. Related topics for potential sponsorships may include:

  • Protecting your organization from increased risk with a distributed workforce
  • ensuring controls and compliance among employees;
  • The evolving role of government in combating cyber threats
  • How artificial intelligence can assist in guarding against attacks
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain
  • Countering emerging threats, such as ransomware-as-a-service
  • Why small and mid-size businesses are increasingly at risk

Break – Featuring interactive polls

Contracts & Negotiations – 11:30am – 12:30pm

Future of Work: Contracts & Negotiations will focus on how the process of contracts and negotiations have changed dramatically during COVID, resulting in long-lasting changes that have reshaped the processes and tools involved. Related topics for sponsorships opportunities could include:

  • Best practices and policies for virtual contract development
  • Contract negotiation between remote parties
  • Long-terms effects of COVID on the process

Break – Featuring exercises to do at your desk in between meetings

Organizational Wellness 1pm – 2:00pm

Future of Work: Organizational Wellness will focus on the new corporate wellness initiatives, employee engagement, and trends that have emerged as organizations look to retain existing employees and attract new talent.

Do you want to improve the way your organization plans, implements and follows up on the results of your engagement and listening surveys? Or are you gathering feedback for the first time?

Related topics for sponsorship opportunities could include:

  • Employee expectations in the new office environment.
  • What programs top companies are providing to their workforce
  • What does wellness for your company, from mental and physical health to financial and COVID related?

Break – Interactive polls

Gig Economy and WFH Jobs – 2:15 – 3:15pm

Recent research shows that the gig economy makes up 35% of US workers and is expanding 3x faster than the whole of the US workforce. Future of Work: Gig Economy and WFH Jobs examines the responsibility and risk gig platforms and other types of employers assume. Related topics could include:

  • Best practices in classifying and reporting your gig employee workforce;
  • common issues raised by workers related to employee benefits, harassment, safety and COVID-19.
  • 10 Best Work-From-Home (Remote) Jobs

Break – Eating better at home and back at the office

Future of Workplaces: 3:30 – 4:30pm

Future of Work: Workplaces will focus on the innovations and employee expectations that are changing the way organizations plan office spaces. More and more, employers must balance supporting organizational priorities in the office with employee priorities within the comfort of their home.

Design and technology trends in the new workplace; Commercial lease agreements, negotiations and provisions; managing a remote workforce

Businesses need to know to stay compliant with OSHA rules regarding workplace safety, including review of the work environment, workstation designs, and work practices.