June 20, 2023


There has never been a time in modern history when the way we work has experienced so much change so quickly. While forces including digital technology, an aging candidate pool, and economic change have impacted how we work for decades, in 2023, we are facing profound disruption that has accelerated some workplace trends and introduced others for the first time. This series aims to tackle the most current issues in workplace and help prepare change agents for what is to come.

  • Build and execute a workplace strategy for the changing workforce.
  • Enable new skills and workplace experiences by leveraging human-machine collaboration.
  • Drive digital transformation within your workforce by integrating new processes, strategies, and technologies.
  • Leverage people analytics to drive the future of talent acquisition & retention
  • Establish a strong remote workforce culture through diversity, community, and employee benefits.
  • Experience a unique-gathering of corporate decision makers. See what’s driving success at other companies that can inspire innovation at your own

Who Should Attend

If you have the potential to influence change in the workplace this event is for you.

Sessions are designed for corporate decision-makers from a remote, hybrid, or distributed workforce with responsibilities in:

  • Business Development
  • Talent Managment
  • People Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Technology Implementation
  • Human Resources

  • Digital Transformation
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Change Management

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Early Access Benefits

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Managing the hybrid workforce

Best practices for managing and retaining employees have evolved post-pandemic. We’ll outline how to address a host of issues, including:
  • Building a company culture and minimizing burnout
  • Implementing onboarding processes and new workplace policies
  • Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion issues
  • Design and technology trends in the new workplace
  • Complying with rules regarding workplace safety, including the work environment and work practices

Navigating cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity risks continue to evolve. Our expert panel will discuss:
  • How to manage the risk of a distributed workforce: controls and compliance issues
  • Countering common threats: ransomware, phishing and malware 
  • How artificial intelligence can assist in guarding against attacks
  • Cloud computing risks

Protecting your business interests in a WFH world

The ability to protect trade secrets and other legitimate business interests has been complicated by the post-pandemic WFH workforce. Our panel with discuss how to manage your trade secrets, including:
  • Communication and compliance strategies
  • Potential limits on the use of restrictive covenants, including nondisclosure and noncompetition agreements
  • Third party issues

Reputation management for companies

Reputation management is the process of monitoring how your business is perceived and taking strategic action to improve your brand’s image. But the best ways to manage this process have evolved significantly over time. We’ll discuss how to tackle these issues in the current environment. Topics will include:

  • How to build an online reputation
  • What you need to do to maintain a business’s good reputation
  • Responding to threats to your brand’s image
  • Best practices
  • Transitioning your business

    Succession planning is critical for small to medium-sized businesses. Our expert panel will discuss:

    • Evaluating options, including bringing in a successor or selling to a third party
    • Creating a team of advisors
    • Developing a valuation plan
    • Ensuring best practices

    AI: In the workplace

    Artificial Intelligence is having a seismic effect on the future work. Our panel discussion will highlight a range of issues, and discuss the benefits and risks of AI, including:

    • automation of repetitive tasks, allowing workers to focus on more complex and creative work
    • new job opportunities
    • better decision-making through data analysis and predictive modeling
    • concerns about copyright infringement, as algorithms can inadvertently use copyrighted materials
    • discrimination in hiring, if algorithms are based on biased data sets
    • privacy concerns about the collection and processing of sensitive personal data


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